Monday, January 26, 2015

Theatre: Mummy

Creative Collaborations
Written and directed by Mick Devine
Performed by Claire Munday
Until Jan 27


Creative Collaborations, the theatrical enterprise of Tiffany Barton and Mick Devine, is something of a spectre at the happy feast of Fringe. No slap and tickle for them – they’ve got hard things on their minds, and they go in hard to say them.
Last year’s Diva, written and performed by Barton, was a Fringe highlight, and, while Devine’s Mummy is a little less stellar, it has much in its favour.
There is bitter humour, and some horror, in the story, but mostly a grim grind until the body and the sprit combine in death.
What makes it bearable is an inspired performance by Munday, who coaxes every drop of humanity and life out of her grisly character. Despite her heroics, there’s something lacking in Mummy – hope, or at least some sort of life-affirmation – that made Diva so moving, but that’s not to detract from its considerable quality.

Link here to the complete review in The West Australian

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