Thursday, January 29, 2015

Theatre: The Bookbinder

Written and designed by Ralph McCubbin Howell and Hannah Smith
Trick of The Light
Directed by Hannah Smith
Music by Tane Upjohn Beatson
Performed by Ralph McCubbin Howell
Blue Room Theatre until 31 January


Inside a magic book, a boy goes on a journey to right a wrong, save himself and, perhaps, a world.
It’s a tale told, in all its variety, from the earliest fairy tales to today’s multiplex family magnets, but rarely with the charm, wit and inventiveness of this tiny gem from New Zealand’s Trick of the Light.
For anyone who is in breathless anticipation of seeing the much-heralded Paper Architect at PIAF, and everyone who hasn’t been able to get a ticket to its sold out season, The Bookbinder is a must. You’d better hurry.

Link here to the compete review in The West Australian

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