Thursday, January 7, 2016


You can use Fringe as a round-the-world ticket to the best alternative comedy, theatre, cabaret and circus on the planet.
And why wouldn’t you? With 700 acts from 23 countries to choose from, It’s a dizzying selection, and you won’t have to go far for tips on the hottest dishes in the food hall.
But here’s another idea. Why not consider taking a Fringe Staycation, even for one week during the festival, and concentrate on the 290-odd acts from WA appearing there? (Happily
there's a link called “Homegrown Heroes!” on the Fringe website to make it easier to find and book locally-produced shows.)
It also helps that many of the WA shows on offer have been “vetted” – by previous success at Fringe or around the local traps. It’s a decent rule of thumb that a show that’s re-appearing at Fringe, or has come to it after a successful regular season run, will have something going for it.