Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Theatre: The Dirty Cowboy

Steamwork Arts and Tim Solly
Written and performed by Tim Solly
Directed by Sally Richardson
The Blue Room
Until Jan 31

(★ ★ ★)

The man shuts the blinds in a bare room and takes a shot of whiskey. His gun sits on the table, his guitar leans against it. He pulls another shot.
He’s plucking up courage. He’s waiting for someone, or for something to happen. He picks up the guitar, has a third shot, and sings a song with “Hi Ho” in it.
So (as if there was any doubt) he’s a cowboy.
But this is not High Noon, and he’s no Gary Cooper. He’s a small town sheriff who fell in love with the wrong woman, married to the wrong man. They run, but they can’t hide.
The thing has already happened, and the only person he’s waiting for is himself.

Link here to the complete review in The West Australian

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