Monday, February 20, 2012

Theatre: Pollyanna

Weeping Spoon Productions
Directed by Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd and Tim Watts
Designed by Poppy Van Oorde-Grainger and Alissa Jane Claessens
Created by the cast and crew
The Treasury 
16 - 19 February, 2012

Tim Watts and crew
I don’t normally take instructions from the producers before reviewing a show, but in the case of Pollyanna, the latest project of the Tim Watts/ Arielle Gray (Alvin Sputnik) clan, it seemed the only appropriate thing to do.
So, with their permission, I can tell you that lovely Pollyanna Smith never makes it to her sixteenth birthday party. Dead. Murdered. The police come to the door with the terrible news. Then, to the horror of all and sundry, they arrest the son of Mayor Arthur Dobson and haul him away for questioning.
I went with them, because I’m a cop too. 

Link here to the complete review in The West Australian

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