Monday, February 20, 2012

Concert: Faustian Pact

Silver Alert and Micki Pellerano
The Festival Gardens
February 14, 2012

Hey! What's Lenny doing here?
A technical hitch delayed the start of Faustian Pact, leading the Breath of Fresh Air that is new PIAF artistic director Jonathan Holloway to bound down the line reassuring us that all would be well and that “twenty years from now we’ll look back on this and laugh”. Well. It’s only the next morning, and I’ve already got the giggles.
Not since the infamous Motorhead gig at the White Sands back in the '80s that had the crowd’s jeans flapping* has such a noise been directed at a paying audience in Perth.
When it was over, there was embarrassed silence, punctuated only by that strange yelping sound made, I assume in approbation, by people who know members of the cast.
An unforgettable evening.

Link here to the complete review in The West Australian.

*On the unimpeachable authority of  the immortal Johnny Leopard, who flapped a few jeans himself.

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