Monday, February 20, 2012

Theatre: …miskien

Written by Tara Louise Notcutt, Albert Pretorius and Gideon Lombard
Directed by Tara Louise Notcutt
Performed by Albert Pretorius and Gideon Lombard
15 - 19 February 19

Gideon Lombard
A little way into this powerful drama of dead-end lives and male bonding in modern South Africa, I realised that I had never heard Afrikaans spoken in conversation. There is much about ordinary lives in that great country, our neighbour but for 8000 kms of ocean, that are hidden from us by the enormous events that have swirled around it.
We know Mandela, but do we know Layton (Gideon Lombard) and Cormac (Albert Pretorius) the two Capetown 25-year-old office workers whose workaday world and relationship is the story of the play? As it turns out, we know them very well, because they are our lives as well.
Hilarious and awfully sad, …miskien is one of the highlights of the Fringe.

Link here to the complete review in The West Australian

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