Saturday, November 26, 2011

Theatre: Tipsy

Nicole in Red
Directed by Mark Storen
Written and performed by Ella Hetherington, Georgia King, Sarah Nelson, Dawn Pascoe and Nicole Warren
Music by Rhoda Lopez, Joe Lui, Beth Sheldon and Geoffrey Harrold
Little Creatures Loft
Until November 23

Ella Hetherington (pic Travis Macrae)
I’m no fashionista, but Tipsy, Velvet Sushi designer Deborah Mckendrick’s collaboration with actor/director Mark Storen and some of the brightest young performers in Perth was intriguing enough to get me to the Little Creatures Loft to check it out.
I’m very glad I did.
Tipsey wasn’t uniformly slick, or particularly meaningful, but it was feisty entertainment, great to look at and a lot more besides. It’s important to see our performing artists working with commercial enterprises without losing their spark or compromising their integrity; it’s encouraging to see popular spaces like the Little Creature’s Loft used inventively and effectively; and it’s stimulating to see our fashion shown to winning effect on vibrant performers, and not just spiritless mannequins.

Link here to the complete review in The West Australian

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