Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Theatre: The Gondoliers

By W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of WA
Directed by Anthony Howes
Music Director Jon Tooby
Set Design by Dean Morris
Featuring Alan Needham, Terry Burridge, Joanna Potter, Ron Macqueen, Jesse Bartle, Justin Freind, David Cosgrove, Katherine Freind and Courtney Pitman
Octagon Theatre
6-15 October, 2011

Those artists who can engage our high, middle and low brows simultaneously are rare beasts, and their appeal endures. Shakespeare had that gift. The Beatles did too. So did the librettist, W.S. Gilbert, and composer, Arthur Sullivan, who dominated the popular theatre on both sides of the Atlantic and paved the way for the modern musical. As the lyricist, Johnny Mercer, said, “We all come from Gilbert”.
Proof of the continuing popularity of their operettas is the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of WA, which has revived at least one of them each year for a remarkable six decades since 1951. 

Link here to the complete review in The West Australian

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