Saturday, February 7, 2015

Theatre: CONCRETE: heartbeat and Yours the Face

Two solo shows visiting Perth for Fringe World come with strong pedigrees and big wraps, but neither set the house on fire.


CONCRETE: heartbeat (★★★)
Created and performed by Mark Haslam
PICA Studio
Until 14 Feb

One of the great joys of my distant childhood was a View-Master stereoscope and the crude but magical 3D images on its reels.
Mark Haslam’s CONCRETE: heartbeat shares that enchantment, but when the visuals were absent, or static, Haslam’s words and performance lacked the intensity to make the piece truly compelling.

Yours the Face (★★½)
By Fleur Kilpatrick
Quiet Little Fox
Directed by Sarah Walker and Robert Reid
Performed by Roderick Cairns
The Blue Room
Until 7 Feb 

Yours the Face is the story of an affair between an Australian photographer and an American model in London, both played by WAAPA graduate Roderick Cairns.
It’s a disappointment, despite Cairns’s impressive talent and skilful direction by Sarah Walker, who also designed the photo-shoot set, and Robert Reid. The story meanders through hackneyed high-life scenarios to tedious sexual adventures and a fiery twist too soggy to ignite.

Link here to the complete review of both shows in The West Australian    

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