Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cabaret: Gillian Cosgriff is Whelmed

Written and performed by Gillian Cosgriff
Until 21 Feb


What’s not to like about Gillian Cosgriff? She’s smart – seriously smart – spunky (both meanings), funny, sweet, sings well, plays at least okay, and has arms that go all the way up to her shoulders. All of it at 27, a baby in this game.
The performers she gets compared to, Tim Minchin, Kate Miller-Heidke, Claire Bowditch, read like a who’s who of something or other, but you get the picture. An hour with Ms Cosgriff is not one you’re likely to want back.
For all that, Whelmed is an odd little show. It’s a grab bag of stories and songs with a loose unifying theme something along the lines of “Gillian Cosgriff is a smarty-pants”.
Perhaps Whelmed is a breather between more substantial, revealing work, or an example of the time it takes an artist to fashion talent into vision.
Either way, it's a show you genuinely can enjoy while you wait for Gillian Cosgriff’s real thing to come along.

Link here to the complete review in The West Australian

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