Friday, February 13, 2015

Music: Big Kids Night Out

Peter Combe
Circus Theatre
Friday 13 Feb

In her review of Peter Combe’s daytime show for ungrown-ups, our Kate Prendergast perfectly caught the irresistibly silly magic than brews when Combe and kids get together. In an inspired bit of programming, the Fringe had him back later – much later –when the tackers would definitely, absolutely be asleep (and not able to laugh at us), for another spin through his fantastic repertoire, this time for adults.
I realised, as I listened to Combe doing his only cover, George Harrison’s sweet, limpid Here Comes The Sun, that, like The Beatles, it’s a much stronger and deeper connection than mere nostalgia that brought these grown-ups back to hear these songs again. 
For them, Peter Combe and his music have never made way for other toys.

Link here to the complete review in The West Australian, and here for Kate Prendergast's review of Combe's kids' show.

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