Monday, July 11, 2011

Theatre: Scent Tales

Little y Theatre
Written by the cast, director, Corrine Davies and Alexis Davis
Directed by Joanne Foley
Designed by Monique Wajon
Music by Sian Brown
Featuring Georgia King, Mischa Ipp and Rhoda Lopez
Blue Room Theatre
Until July 16

Georgia King
Scent Tales, a parable of the passing on of knowledge, of love and forgiveness, is a little miracle and the best show to emerge from the Perth theatre so far this year.
This is a perfectly realized production, its power rising like dough turning into bread in the hands of its cast and creative team.
The story of two sisters Bea (Rhoda Lopez) and Sanji (Michelle Ipp) is narrated by their granddaughter and grand-niece (Georgia King), who at various times also plays their mother and grandmother. The grandmother’s legacy to the two girls – an extravagant string of pearls for pretty, adorable Sanji and a tiny slip of paper with the recipe for her wonderful “love bread” for intense, diligent Bea – causes a rift between the sisters that takes time and the ties that bind to heal.

Link here  for the complete review in The West Australian

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