Thursday, July 28, 2011

Theatre: The Disappearances Project

version 1.0
For the Perth Theatre Company
Devised by Irving Gregory, Paul Prestipino, Yana Taylor and David Williams
Directed by Yana Taylor and David Williams
Composer Paul Prestipino
Lighting design by Frank Mainoo
Film directed by Yana Taylor
Cinematographer Sean Bacon
Performed by Irving Gregory and Yana Taylor
STC Studio Underground
27 – 30 July, 2011

The haunting theme of missing people has been explored here recently in Black Swan’s Madagascar and Deckchair Theatre’s Ruby Moon. Both were fine productions but neither approaches the impact of The Disappearances Project, a sure-footed and solemn hymn of pain for the missing and those who miss them, by the NSW ensemble version 1.0.
This is far from a bleak production, despite its painful subject. I can’t recall an hour in the theatre going by more quickly, driven by the poetry of the text, the quality of the performances and the sounds and images in which they are framed.

Link here  for the complete review in The West Australian, and here for Stephen Bevis's interview with David Williams.

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