Monday, May 16, 2016

Theatre: Belated (★★½)

by Liz Newell
Directed by Emily McLean
Designed by Tess Darcey
Sound and lighting designed by Joe Lui
Performed by Benj D’Addario, Emily Kennedy, Maja Liwszyc and Peter Lane Townsend 
Until May 28

In Liz Newell’s Belated, silence may not always be golden.
Dean (Benj D’Addario) walks into the one gin joint in all the towns in all the world. Blythe (Emily Kennedy), working the late shift, is suitably unimpressed, but she’s in a dark place, and an accident waiting to happen.
So, it turns out, is he.
Blythe is couch surfing with her life-long friend Max (Peter Lane Townsend) and his partner Norah (Maja Liwszyc). There’s no love lost between the two women, leaving Max in the middle of a tightly wound domestic triangle.
It becomes a rectangle when Max unwittingly becomes party to what has transpired between Blythe and Dean, who turns out to be much more than a stranger passing through their lives.  

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