Friday, October 2, 2015

Theatre: Head Full of Love (★★★½)

By Alana Valentine
Queensland Theatre Company/Performing Lines
Directed by Wesley Enoch
Associate director Catarina Hebbard
Designer Susanne Roanuike
Performed by Paula Delaney Nasarski and Annie Byron 
Margaret River Cultural Centre
September 24, 2015
An old woman (Paula Delaney Nasarski) sits on a low stool crocheting. Around her are bundles of wool and the instruments of her craft.
“Old” is a relative term, though. We're in the town camp outside Alice Springs, and there you can get very old very young. As the woman, Tilly, says, in the town camps “bad things happen, and they happen to you”.
Bad things do happen in Alana Valentine’s sad, sweet Head Full of Love, but good things too, and in the most unlikely of ways.

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