Monday, September 14, 2015

Becky Peterson Will Punch You in the Face! (★★★½)

By Tyler Jacob Jones
The Cutting Room Floor
Directed by Scott Jacobs
With Erin Hutchinson, Kimberley Harris, Nicole La Bianca, Alicia Osyka, Verity Softly and Amy Welsh
Heathcote Cultural Centre
Until Sept 20

The corridors of power are no place for the faint-hearted. Or, really, for anyone with any heart at all. Even if they are those of the Little Ladies Leadership League.
The league’s Squad 109 is the battleground for Tyler Jacob Jones’s Becky Peterson Will Punch You in the Face! (at the Heathcote Cultural Centre, nimbly directed by Scott Corbett).
This is a two-hour show that should be an hour forty; Tyler Jones has so much great material he can afford to lose anything that’s merely okay. When he does, he’ll be doing his cast, who were great but had to labour some points a little, a big favour.
And Becky Peterson’s punch, already a stinger, will be a real knockout.    

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