Friday, June 12, 2015

Theatre: The Epic (★★★½)

Written and performed by Finn O’Branagain and Scott Sandwich
Blue Room Theatre
Until June 13

Anyone who saw Denis O’Hare’s magnificent An Iliad at last year’s PIAF will never forget the power of the stories he told, based on, but not shackled to, Homer’s great epic poem.
The performance poets Finn O’Branagain and Scott Sandwich take us back to the walls of Troy, and Homer, in first stop of a pole-to-pole expedition in search of the world’s elemental epic stories, and an entertaining and illuminating journey it is.
O’Branagain and Sandwich are at pains to tell us that The Epic is not a play, and they are not actors (they’re being a little overmodest there, but we take their point), but there’s more than enough drama in the stories to compensate.
We have been cut adrift from many of these legends, but they still lurk in the foundations of humanity’s culture, in our literature and language. O’Branagain and Sandwich do them, and us, a service retelling them in this satisfying, approachable show.

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