Monday, January 26, 2015

Theatre: Point & Shoot

By Robert Woods and Tyler Jacob Jones
Directed by Gemma Hall and Tyler Jacob Jones
Starring Tyler Jacob Jones, Erin Hutchinson, Robert Woods and Tamara Woolrych
Teatro 1
Until Jan 28


Robert Woods and Tyler Jacob Jones, Point & Shoot’s composer and lyricist, are nimble, well-schooled songwriters, and Jones writes a mean book (if you get the chance to see his superb little two-hander, F@#K Decaf, later in the Fringe, you should grab it). Woods and Jones are also half of a snazzy cast who play over fifty parts, and almost as many instruments, as they belt through a breakneck spoof of all things Hollywood.
Good as they are, it’s the gals who steal the show; Erin Hutchinson, who does everything from grande dame to shrinking violet, and, especially, Tamara Woolrych, who plays the obligatory Hot Tamale – a pair of identical tamale twins in fact – and has a Lucille Ball while she’s at it.

Link here to the complete review in The West Australian

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