Monday, July 22, 2013

Circus: Empire

The Empire Spiegeltent
Crown Perth
Until August 18

Don’t listen to a word they say. Empire is not, as its publicity implies, a burlesque, or a strip show. Rather it’s a thrilling, agile, contemporary circus, immaculately staged and precariously gripping for every one of its 90 minutes.
It’s also as fine a gathering of talent, both on its tiny stage and behind the scenes, as you’re ever likely to find.
Two acts in particular deliver that magic that lifts you out of your seat. Degefa spinning and throwing the diminutive, explosive Alemu with his feet was simply incredible, and the long, delicate performance by Bilgin of the hypnotic Sanddorn Balance act, thirteen palm fronds and a single feather suspended in the air like the skeleton of an ancient bird, closes this humdinger of a show with audacious grace and impossible beauty.
 At the risk of stealing Memet Bilgin's thunder, here's the Sanddorn Balance Act performed by its originator, Maedir Eugster of the Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque

Link here to the complete review in The West Australian   

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