Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Theatre: The House of Dreaming

Arena Theatre Company
for the Perth Festival
Written by Halcyon McCloud
Directed by Chris Kohn
Performed by Sam Routledge, Penelope Bartlau, Phillip McInnis, Sarah Kriegler
ABC Perth Studio
Until March 2

Elio and Eva went into The House of Dreaming with eyes wide open, and came out thirty minutes later with wide-open eyes. They were two of the children who stood on the ceiling, climbed through the clock and sailed through the storm in Chris Kohn’s indoor adventure made just for them.
Along their way, in the labyrinthine house built inside the ABC’s big studio in East Perth by Melbourne’s Arena Theatre Company, they got to laugh, wonder, change colour and even get a little frightened.
Immersive installations are becoming a regular feature at festivals; last year’s Oraculos and Proximity were festival season highlights and La Marea drew thousands to Rokeby Road a fortnight ago. It’s good to see the same experience being created for children, especially when it’s as stimulating as this strange, dreaming house.

Link here to the complete review in the The West Australian

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