Sunday, January 20, 2013

John Milson

I was very sorry to hear of the death of John Milson yesterday. John directed me (and scores of vastly more promising student actors) in three huge UDS/ Festival of Perth shows in the mid '70s, and he (with his superb memory) remained a friend and mentor to us all.
I last saw John at Meow Meow's Astor concert a couple of months ago, but we had one other last contact. I wrote in my review of the terrific Eve at the Blue Room that I hoped Milson would get to see it because it reminded me of the sort of brave Australian theatre he championed back in the Southport St Hole in the Wall days. 
He went, and I was right. He wrote me  a short letter praising the production and Margi Brown Ash's performance, and closed with "the health is fading but I've no intention of retiring and hope we meet up some time soon".
We'll have to save that one for the sweet by-and-by, Milson.

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