Monday, May 28, 2012

Theatre: I (Honestly) Love You/ Les Affreux

 I (Honestly) Love You
Written and directed by Damon Lockwood
Designed by Cherie Hewson
With Jimmie James Eaton, George Gayfer, Talie Howell-Price and Damon Lockwood
Blue Room Theatre
17 May – 2 June

Les Affreux
Written and directed by Wade K Savage
Designed by Alana Starcevich
With Ethan Thomas, Caris Eves, Rina Frieberg, Nick Pages-Oliver and Nina Deasley
Blue Room Theatre
24 May – 9 June

Damon Lockwood
Damon Lockwood is a clever, funny guy, and his little rom-com, I (Honestly Love You), is him all over.
Two people meet and fall in love, but have a congenital inability to lie. Comic complications ensue. It’s a good idea – so good it’s been used in various permutations in scripts, especially very popular film scripts, since Bob Hope’s Nothing But the Truth in 1941. The similarity diminishes and dates this production.
For all that, I (Honestly Love You) is a witty and often audacious piece. It’s performed well by Jimmie James Eaton and George Gayfer as the candour-crossed lovers, with Lockwood and Talie Howell-Price supporting them as an assortment of parents and mates. Lockwood, who also directs, cleverly gives Eaton and Gayfer's Lloyd and Belle a three-dimensional treatment that sets them apart from the others, who are played more as types than characters.

Les Affreux, the earlier show at the Blue Room, is the stage debut of filmmaker Wade K Savage.
Savage approaches his writing and direction like a filmmaker, but on the stage, without editing suites and instant scene changes, he founders in the attempt. To be fair, there have been plenty of theatre writers and directors who’ve hit similar rocks going the other way.

Link here to the complete review in The West Australian

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