Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Theatre: A Germ of an Idea, Laryngectomy

A Germ of an Idea
Written and performed by Monica Main
Directed by Helen Doig with Fran Tinley
Blue Room Theatre
7 – 25 June, 2011

Renegade Productions
Written by Demelza Rogers and Joe Lui
Directed by Joe Lui
Featuring Paul Grabovac, Jessica Rawnsley, Demelza Rogers and Jessica Allen Jones
Blue Room Theatre
7 – 18 June, 2011

When I arrived at the Blue Room to see two shows I was warned were “like chalk and cheese”, there were two people stuck in the lift between floors (who even knew the Blue Room had a lift). Had to be an omen.
The cheesy part was A Germ of an Idea, Monica Main’s take on all things dirty, grimy and malodorous, a nice idea that only comes off in parts.
Laryngectomy proved, quite literally, to be the chalky bit of the evening, but presented with such skill, ferocity and courage that you had to take stock and take notice.

Link here to the complete review in The West Australian

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