Friday, May 27, 2011

Comedy: James De Leo

The Wild West Comedy Festival
Blue Room Theatre
May 25, 2011

James De Leo is a hard working lad, and the fruit of his considerable labours over the past few years was on show at his one-night Wild West Comedy Festival stand downstairs at the Blue Room.
Drawing from his 2009 Not Without My Porter show and debuting new material, De Leo delves into familiar territory from the byways of history to the mores of modern times.
In his 45-minute stand he delved into the natural history of the redhead, explained the heraldic symbolism of coats of arms and their application to modern corporate branding and translated bogonese into Latin.
Television and the web are the natural media for the cool performer; “hot” media – film, radio and live performance – need more punch, more absurdity and more spontaneity than De Leo delivers, at least on this occasion.
De Leo works across a wide range of media, and it’s interesting to see and hear which work for him and which don’t. For example, while his radio spots on Mix 94.5 to me are laboured and over-scripted, he can be very effective in You Tube clips. I’m sure he has a very funny, very clever book in him and, if I were a wild and crazy guy needing material for my show, I’d definitely be giving him a call. 
Link here for the complete review in The West Australian

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