Saturday, March 26, 2011

Theatre: Motherhood the Musical

Written by Sue Fabisch
Directed by Terence O’Connell
Featuring Rebecca Moore, Amelia Christo, Ziggy Clements and Jacqueline Hoy
Subiaco Arts Centre
Until April 14

Amelia Christo
There were only twelve of us in the audience at the Subiaco Arts Centre for this performance of the Australian touring production of Sue Fabisch’s Motherhood The Musical, and, not surprisingly, we were feeling exposed and uncomfortable.
Of course, there were a couple of hundred of them: women, having a high old time at this jaunty affirmation of the joys and tribulations of pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and female friendship.
Motherhood has been somewhat sketchily adapted to an Australian idiom from its American origins, but it would be wrong to deny the entertainment value of the show because it’s corny, anachronistic and simplistic. 

Link here to the complete version of this review in The West Australian  

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