Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PIAF: Martha Wainwright

Beck’s Music Box
February 21, 2011

Martha Wainwright’s career so far – the part of it that sells out two nights at Beck’s Music Box, anyway – has been a series of spectacular vignettes with a compelling back story.
Wainwright worked her way through 11 of the 15 tracks on her 2009 album of Edith Piaf’s lesser-known songs, Sans Fusils, Ni Souliers, á Paris. Two weeks ago, on stage in San Francisco, she conceded that they “get boring” after a while. She was right.
Things improved markedly when we were treated to some of her own material and a selection from her late mother Kate McGarrigle’s peerless repertoire. But there was too little of it, only a few songs, and we were back with more from the Piaf album to wind up the show.
I suspect, judging from the enthusiasm of the applause at the end and for the encore, that I may be in a surly minority of people underwhelmed by the show. I’m sad about that – I’m an unabashed fan and look forward to what Martha Wainwright does next.
But I’m more disappointed for the audience, not for what they were given, but for what they missed. 

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